I remember watching the Today Show that morning, while getting ready for playgroup, and wondering how such a horrible accident could have happened.

I remember watching the 2nd plane hit, and realizing that the horrible accident wasn’t an accident after all.

I remember wondering if we should still go to playgroup, and deciding I needed people.

I remember 5 mothers glued to the television while 5 babies played innocently in the next room, and the gasps of horror as one tower, then the other fell.

I remember the pictures of the smoking pentagon and the wreckage of an airplane in a Pennsylvania field.

I remember looking at those babies, nearly one year old, and the relief I felt that they would never remember the stunned terror of an entire nation.

I remember fear, then sorrow and anger.

And today, I remember the loss of innocent bystanders and the heroes that risked and gave their lives, and the families of those victims.

I remember.

Until next time…

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