Scrap Fabric Picture Frame

I love color and pattern, and as a result, I have hoarded collected quite a fabric stash over the years.  It’s not just for sewing!  With teens and tweens in the house, I can count on my extra fabric pieces getting used for one of their craft projects, or in this case a colorful scrap fabric picture frame.


Make a colorful scrap fabric photo frame using your fabric stash. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.
Embellish a photo frame with fabric.


My daughter loves to change up her room decor on a whim (and as a tween she has a lot of whims!).  I like to give her that freedom, but at the same time I don’t want to keep repairing walls.  So we came up with this fun frame that features whichever photo or tidbit she likes best at the moment.


Make a fabric-backed frame. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs
Paint wooden frame white


Make a Scrap Fabric Picture Frame:

We found this unfinished frame made from wood and chicken wire at a chain craft store.  You could make your own with a repurposed frame, but this was perfect for our needs. I started with 2 coats of Americana multi-surface Satin paint (Cotton Ball).


Weave Dyed Ribbon around frame to add lace-up detail.
Lace dyed ribbon around frame.


For this sweet feminine touch, I used hand-dyed seam binding laced through the wire and around the side of the frame.  (Have boys?  A heavy twine or leather lacing would be great here.)


Staple fabric to back of frame for a punch of color.


Once the frame was embellished, I could easily attach the fabric to the back of the frame using staples.  I chose a fabric that doesn’t fray, but if you aren’t that lucky, use a thin line of liquid glue, a product like Fray-Check, or a sewn seam before attaching.


Add shimmer to mini-clothespins with Clearsnap Smooch.
Add shimmer to mini-clothespins


The final step was to give some mini-clothespins a coat of coordinating shimmer using Clearsnap Smooch (Sundance).  She can clip her favorite memorabilia directly to the chicken wire.

As an added Mom bonus, this is a great place to clip a little surprise.  Download the free “Shine” printable I used below in fuchsia or turquoise as a fun starter note.


Make a scrap fabric picture frame with printable inspiration. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs
Fabric Embellished Frame with Printable


The fabric background turns the plain frame into an eye-catching piece quickly and inexpensively. Plus it can be changed whenever the mood strikes.  Use this technique for girls and boys, or anywhere in the house.  With all the fabric options available, the sky’s the limit!

Have a colorful, creative week!
Carla Schauer

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