Still stumbling around

Though the ER doc said I’d likely be up and moving a little by now, he lied.    I’m still on crutches, and only able to put a little weight on it.    You’d think that in 20 years (the last time I had crutches) manufacturers of crutches would be able to make them a touch more comfortable to use.    But nope.   Still hurts.    And I can’t drive either, which makes me just shy of useless around here.

On a bonus note though, the extra sitting time has been well spent.    The first half of “The Project”* is completely finished and ready to go.    The downside is that all the crafting time I wanted to use this weekend to finish the second half was a no-go.     Spent it sitting with my foot propped up on a pillow instead.    If I have a lucky bone in my body, the mojo fairy will still be around in a few days when I’m up and moving.    Keep your fingers crossed, I need that mojo ASAP!

Since I haven’t made anything at all since The Incident, here’s a simple little spring card I made a while ago.  The colors make me happy.

*note my tendency to use fabulous, detailed names for everything in my world.    Sorry, this one is still under wraps for a little while longer.  I’ll spill when I can!

Have a great day!

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  1. nikimeiners says:

    When you find that fairy. Hold ’em down until I can get some mojo too!