Tag Tuesday–Acrylic Paint

A piece of craft wood, some acrylic paint, and a small paintbrush are all the supplies needed to make this simple rectangle tag.

Acrylic painted birthday tag by Carla Schauer

I’m currently working on another painted project that needs 10-15 minutes of drying time before I switch colors.   Rather than sitting at my table watching the paint dry, I decided to use the supplies already out to make another small project between coats.

I had a thin piece of craft basswood also left over from the same project, and it made a great base without having to make any extra cuts.  I added the yellow frame and the black center to the tag after I used each of the colors on the main project, switching back and forth and letting one project dry while I worked on the other.

The name, flower, and dots were drawn freehand with a tiny brush and white paint to give the impression of a chalkboard doodle.  It was a great use of some spare moments!

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