The Illusion of Peace

I love the beginning of the month.   It doesn’t matter what month it is, (though I’m rather partial to December), just that it’s the beginning.    There’s just something about flipping that calendar to a fresh new page that gives me a feeling of starting fresh.    Weird?   Possibly.   I’ve been called worse.  🙂

As the kids have gotten older, we have switched to one of the “family calendars” that have spaces for each family member’s activities every day.    It takes up the majority of the side of our refrigerator, but it’s worth it.   In fact, for someone who often can’t remember what day it is, it’s essential.    I have a love/hate relationship with that calendar.

When that fresh page is turned, the calendar has quite a number of neatly printed activities for each of us.    As the month continues, all the empty spots quickly fill with last-minute events, crossed-out marks where plans have changed, hastily drawn arrows moving one commitment to another day (where are all our erasers??), and assorted other day-to-day responsibilities.    By the end of the month, that calendar looks as crazy as I feel trying to keep up with it.

But that nice tidy page at the month’s start where there seems to be plenty of time for everything?    It’s energizing.

Now…off to accomplish something before reality eeks its way back into my brain!

Until next time…

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  1. I feel the same way. Also, I am SO ready for spring!