Wait…what? July?

I turned the calendar page to July yesterday.

Usually, I enjoy turning the calendar.  A fresh new page of possibilities before the commitments get scribbled all over.  But today I’m wondering where the summer has gone.  I’d swear the last day of school was just yesterday, and here it is almost mid-summer already.   Between chasing the kids and craft assignments, it has been a busy month already.

The CHA summer show in Orlando is just a few short weeks away, and I’m waist-high in preperations.  My friend Niki is visiting from North Carolina, and we’ve been crafting fiends over the last week.   Because of some other prior commitments, I have to have everything ready for the show by next week.   My usual pre-show panic has set in early, and I’m scrambling to make sure everything is in order.  It doesn’t matter how early I start prepping for shows, I always end up finishing 5 minutes before my deadline.   Luckily, my deadline is earlier this year.   I’m imagining the night before the show to be relaxed and calm.  I won’t know what to do with myself!

I wanted to share a project I did a few months ago that became a product header.  The layout features “Smooch”, an accent ink from Clearsnap.  I love that ink, the brush lets me color even the tiniest spaces.


I’ll be sharing some more of the work I’ve been creating for the show as I photograph it this week.

Until next time…

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