Wearing my Art as Resin Jewelry

I love wearing fun, unique jewelry.  I often make it using various craft supplies like beads, buttons, and wire, and I sometimes buy pieces if it will save me enough time and energy over doing it myself.  But if I want to wear my own art as jewelry, I still have to create the pieces by hand.

Resin Jewelry Pendant with art from Carla Schauer DesignsThis pendant features one of the designs from my “Coral Seas” collection, inside a silver bezel and encased in jeweler’s grade resin  (Ice Resin).  I wanted the art to be the focus of this piece, so I kept the design to the simple bezel with only the fish design inside the resin.  I also created a  bangle bracelet with a coordinating coral design.

Silver and Resin Bangle Bracelet with art from Carla Schauer DesignsI made the pendant below with my art as part of a featured artist segment on the Ice Resin blog back in January, where I first learned to use resin.  I added a beaded drop and jump rings to this one, as well as a more elaborate bezel.

Ice Resin Beaded Pendant with Carla Schauer Designs Art
If you are interested in making your own resin jewelry, I highly recommend the book “Explore, Create, Resonate”  by Jen Cushman.  Jen is a friend of mine and she knows her resin.  I used this book for the instructions on making my jewelry, since I was a complete beginner when I made these pieces.  (Not a paid endorsement.  The book is good, and I still use it when making projects with resin.)

Thanks for stopping by, and for checking out the jewelry I made with my art!

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