Make German Stars for Christmas Story

German Star ornaments can be made quickly with 4 paper strips and some simple repeated folds. Originating as a school geometry lesson, they are now used as Christmas decorations worldwide.

Fold and interlock the paper strips. Then use the first type of fold on each of the four sides. Flip over, then repeat around the sides again.

The second fold type has three steps, then the tail tucks through the basket weave from before.  Turn clockwise, and repeat around the circle.  Then flip over and repeat on the other side.

To make the star points, loop the paper strip around itself and push it through the center to secure the end.


Green Curved Line

Hang on a Christmas Tree

Display in a Holiday Bowl

Give as a Secret Santa Gift

Sell at a Craft Show

Use as a Gift Topper

After finishing the folds, dip the finished German Star ornaments to protect them. Add extra sparkle with fine glitter.