When Good Craft Supplies Go Bad

There’s nothing worse than discovering broken craft supplies mid-project.  Here are some tips to fix the supplies and save the (crafty) day.

Open watercolor paint palette on white background. Charcoal text overlay reads: "when good craft supplies go bad."

You’ve been waiting all day for that precious block of time that’s just for you.  It’s finally here, and with a sigh of relief you get out your new grown-up coloring book and your fancy markers and start your “me-time”. 

Happily coloring along, you uncap your pretty robin’s egg marker and get a patch of barely-there blue.  What?  No, the blue can’t be dry.  Aargh, dried markers aren’t relaxing at all!

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Can your craft supplies be saved?

Watercolors. Yes!  Watercolor cakes are one of the easiest craft supplies to fix.  Simply add a few drops of water to the broken cake (adding more drops as needed) and mix with an old paintbrush, craft stick, or other handy mixing tool.  As the water evaporates, the cake will be good as new.

Craft Punches.  Have a craft punch that sticks a bit or no longer cuts cleanly?  Punch through a sheet of waxed paper several times to make it smooth again, and through aluminum foil to sharpen.

pink tag punch, punching through silver aluminum foil to sharpen

Brushes.  When it comes to paint brushes that are no longer holding their shapes, there are a couple options to try.  Success will depend on how much abuse the poor brush suffered already.

Line of colorful Pitt Artist Pens on white background.

Ink Pads.  Dried out ink pads, on the other hand are easier to fix.  Manufacturers often sell small re-inker bottles that you can use to add more ink to the pad.  It’s more cost effective than buying a new pad and well worth it, especially for your favorite colors.   Well-loved pads that are peeling away from their bases can be easily be reattached with fabric glue or superglue.

While being careful with craft supplies is ideal, we all know life happens.  Sometimes trays get dropped, caps are accidentally left open or not clicked in place, and some supplies get used less often than others. 

Before you throw away those broken supplies (or throw them across the room), see if they have life left in them!

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