When old is new


This is my piece for the Designer Green Gallery at CHA.   The theme for this show is “Going Green”, and this project fits the bill.  The box is a flea market find, and there are 6 other repurposed embellishments as well.  Not to mention the bits and pieces I found so deep in my stash they might as well have been found in the garbage.  🙂

If you will be at the show, check it out in person in the Eco-Lounge (booth 4961).

Only two more days before all my ducks must be neatly aligned.  Suprisingly, I feel pretty calm, which is completely out of character for me before a show.  All the big items are checked off the list, which is nothing short of a miracle.   I’m not mentioning how many little items still do not have that satisfying black line through them, though.

There’s plenty of time, right?

Until next time…

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  1. This looks cool!

    Don’t worry about those little things, it probably involves food for your family, schedule for your hubby, etc. They’ll manage if you don’t get to it. Pizza and popcorn every night and no one will get to school or work, but hey, that’s not really a problem is it?

  2. That is fabulous!! I love it!

    Deep breaths, Carla, deep breaths! Enjoy the show – wish I could make it out there this year!