Morning Muse Hummingbird Art|copyright Carla Schauer

After the 477th chalkboard submission, you’re ready to see something different.  Something colorful that doesn’t remind you of banging together dusty erasers in elementary school.  You are ready for something bright and bold!  A textured floral print that brings to mind a field of colorful wildflowers with bees buzzing around their bobbing heads. Or maybe a soothing ocean-inspired scene that makes you long for one more day of last summer’s relaxing beach weekend.  Yes…that’s much better.

Does this sound familiar?

Great, you’re in the right place!  Whether painted, collage, digital, or a hybrid mix, I love to create colorful, nature-inspired art.   To inquire about licensing my art and see my full portfolio, please contact Julie Ager at Artistic Designs Group.

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