CHA Show 2012-License & Design

It’s been a month since the end of the Craft and Hobby Association’s winter show in Anaheim, and I’m finally coming up for a big breath of air.  This was the 3rd year I exhibited in the License & Design section of the show, the 2nd with my surface art on display.  Once again, Jen Goode and I shared our booth space.

We set up the booth on Friday.  We shaved off a full day from last year’s set up time, and were able to see several places we can streamline the process for our next show.  Here’s Jen with her giant hand-painted smiley ice cream and a spotlight in her eyes as we were hanging art on the walls.

And a shot of the finished booth space on opening morning.  At least my fantastic sling accessory matched my pants. (I took an icy fall a few days before I flew in.)

CHA 2012 License & Design

As usual, it was great to be at the show surrounded by patterns and colors and embellishments at every turn, and by friends I only see twice a year at trade shows.  My roomies and I enjoyed every moment, and even had some time to enjoy some down time after the show closed.

CHA Show friends 2012
CHA 2012 Anaheim penguin

Since I wasn’t able to leave the booth much, I’d love to hear what you thought was new and exciting at CHA Winter!

Until next time…


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