Rock Painting-Everything You Need To Know.

Learn how to paint rocks! I’ve brought together all my favorite rock painting materials, techniques, and easy ideas to paint on rocks so you can begin right away.  I’ve created plenty of reviews and tutorials to help you get the most out of your materials, even if you’re a stone painting beginner.

Hands painting a rock with a flower design, with text overlay reading "How to Start Rock Painting".
Everything you need to know about rock painting. All the best supplies, techniques, and ideas to make painted rocks successful from the start.

How To Start Rock Painting

Decorated rocks are easy to make as long as you know where to start. You’ll find stone painting ideas for beginners and more advanced painters, so we can all get started making our own little art pieces.

Most questions about making rock art fall into three categories. I’ve separated the tutorials in the same way to make it easy to find the answers you need.

Rock Painting Supplies. – What do I use to paint rocks?  Find all the basic supplies you need to begin, plus my favorites for expanding your options.

Rock Painting Techniques. – How to make painted rocks?  Discover all the methods you can use to paint, and other ways of embellishing your stones.

Rock Painting Ideas. – What should I paint on rocks? Oodles of ideas and instructions for decorating that you can duplicate or use to jump start your own imagination.

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Hands holding pineapple painted rock with gel pens in background. "How to start rock painting" text overlay on purple rectangle.

Why Are There Painted Rocks Everywhere?

People everywhere are painting rocks and hiding them. You might even be finding painted rocks in your neighborhood or on a local trail. These mini-masterpieces are often a part of a larger initiative, like the Kindness Rock Project. Random fans of stone painting also hide them. A little bit of sunshine in the form of a pretty painted rock can be a day-brightener for the person who finds it.

If you find a painted stone, check the back for a hashtag or website you can use to report your find. You can keep or re-hide it for someone else to find.

6 Colorful painted rocks on white background.
Painted Rock Designs from Carla Schauer Studio.

What Do I Do With A Painted Rock?

After you’ve finished your hand-painted stones, what you do with them is up to you. Painted rocks are art in their own right, and many people display them as decorations in their homes or outdoors in a garden. Keep them for yourself or give as a gift.

Try hiding your rocks after you paint them (be sure to check local regulations) to surprise others. Or use them as a base to make other painted rock crafts. The choice is yours!

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