Crafty Wedding Cakes and Surprise Road Trip

My left brain likes to plan too much for me to be much of a spontaneous person. But sometimes the lure of good crafty friends is too strong and my right brain takes over, forcing me to jump in the car on 24 hours notice and drive 11 hours for a wedding.  And then I’m so glad I did!

Crafty handmade wedding cake and cupcake tableThis was one of those weekends.  When i got there after midnight, the cupcake batter had been made and was ready for the next day’s baking.  We ended up baking 8 dozen white with cream cheese frosting, plus a few dozen minis for variety and a cutting cake!

Handmade bride and groom doll cake toppersThe  bride and groom cake topper was also hand made.  Though I would love to take credit for these adorable little people, I ended up just doing the base coating.  As it turns out, tiny people is not really my skill set.  So I happily turned over the groom to Jen Goode, who rocked it, along with the little bride (who is wearing a tiny piece of the actual wedding dress!).

Beach wedding Laura and RypThe beach ceremony was beautiful, the bride radiant, and the guests filled with smiles.  Handmade touches by friends and family added to the feeling of bringing both families together.  Congratulations to Laura and Ryp!

So often crafty friends only get together at trade shows, it was wonderful to have a weekend of fun with no pressure.  A road trip worth every last-minute mile!

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