How to Glitter Pinecones for Christmas

Making Holiday decorations from pinecones is a beautiful way to bring a rustic look indoors. But if your look is more glam, or you just want a little extra holiday sparkle, add glitter! Keep reading and find out how to glitter pinecones for Christmas (or anytime).

Glittered pinecone hanging in christmas tree.

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How to Prepare Pinecones for Crafting

When making crafts from pinecones you find outside, they’ll need to be heat-treated to kill bugs, remove mold, and otherwise make them house-worthy before using. If you don’t live in an area where pinecones roam freely, or don’t want to deal with the treating process, you can pick up craft pinecones ready to use. Just make sure you choose the unscented kind if you don’t want that strong cinnamon smell.

Dipping Pinecones in Wax

My favorite method for glittering pinecones is to dip them in wax. While glue will adhere glitter to the pinecones, wax dipping has a few big advantages.

  1. It hardens quickly. No waiting for hours poking glue blobs to see if they’re dry yet.
  2. Wax gets into all the crevices when dipping, instead of just sitting on the edges, so you can get more glitter coverage.
  3. Dipping is a one-step (or 2-step for large cones) process instead of adding glue to each individual piece of pinecone.

The process for melting paraffin is the same as for wax dipping German star ornaments. The can allows for a deep wax pool and easy cleanup.

Can of paraffin wax blocks for melting.

What kind of Glitter do you Need for Glittering Pinecones?

I prefer a chunky or coarse glitter for making glittered pinecones. I like the sense of contrast with the rustic look of the pinecones. Glitter flakes can also give a fun effect. Use white or iridescent glitter for a snowy look, or go bold with color.

Honestly, any glitter will work, it comes down to personal preference and the look you’re trying to achieve. I used coarse iridescent glitter for this tutorial.

3 glittered pinecones in red bowl, on plaid fabric.


2 pine cones with white glitter sitting on white background

How to Dip and Glitter Pine Cones for Christmas

Yield: 1+
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: 1
Estimated Cost: under $5

Step by step instructions for melting paraffin wax, dipping pine cones, and decorating with glitter to make Christmas ornaments, holiday garland, wreaths, table decor, and more.



  • Medium sized saucepan


  1. Gather supplies.

  2. Fill 1/3 to 1/2 saucepan with water and heat on low-medium. Chop paraffin block into chunks (optional) and add to metal can. Gently lower can into water bath. As paraffin wax begins to melt, reduce heat to low. Stir occasionally with bamboo skewer for even melting.

    Can of paraffin wax blocks for melting.
  3. Lower pine cone into melted paraffin wax. If using large pine cones, dip one side then flip over and dip the other side to cover completely. Use a bamboo skewer to help maneuver if desire.

    Pine cone being dipped in can of melted paraffin wax
  4. Pull pine cone out of wax, let most of drips fall back into can without letting wax harden.

    Pinecone dipped in can of melted wax.
  5. Over paper plate, sprinkle glitter onto pine cone while wax is still warm and melty. Rotate to ensure even glitter coverage, resting edges on plate if necessary. Turn over and sprinkle into recesses of pine cone.

  6. Lay glittered pine cone aside on sheet of waxed paper to cool and harden.

    Glittered pine cones laying on waxed paper sheet to harden wax.

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