Layering Stamps and Pigment Ink–Tag Tuesday

Layering images using stamps and pigment ink can be tricky if you’ve never previously tried it.  Since pigment inks have a longer drying time, they are easier to accidentally smear or mix the colors together creating “muddying” of the ink.  But for some surfaces, like glossy or acrylic, pigment inks are often the only way to stamp an image.   So what is a crafter to do?  Break out the heat tool!

Layering stamps using pigment inkThis gift tag features a blank ribbon slide (Buttons Galore & More) that is colored and stamped using 4 different colors of pigment ink.  The ink was completely dried using a heat tool before the next color was stamped on top.

Layering stamps blank surfaceHere is the blank ribbon slide before any ink was applied to the surface.  It’s a light ivory color.

Layering pigment ink colors

I started with a light dove gray and directly applied ink to the shape surface, then used the heat tool to dry the ink completely.  Next, I stamped the floral on top using lime ink, heat dried the pattern, and stamped the same image using turquoise ink.  Again, I heat dried the image completely.  With the colors I used, the images easily could have mixed together and made an incredibly unattractive muddy mess if I hadn’t used the heat tool between them.

Layering images with pigment ink and stamps

 I then layered a single flower image on the left in bright pink ink and heat set that image as well to prevent smearing while I put together the rest of the tag.

Layered stamped ribbon slide on tagI finished the gift tag with some turquoise ribbon wrapped around stamped and edged navy cardstock, which was layered on the same type of colored-core cardstock found on this embossed cardstock tag.

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