A Case of the Mondays Coloring Book

Holy hand cramps, Batman!  My coloring book is finally finished.  I feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein.  “It’s Aliiiiive!”   It’s been a labor of love, and sarcasm, but my A Case of the Mondays adult coloring book is finally ready for purchase.

Hilarious, Snarky adult coloring book by Carla Schauer.
A Case of the Mondays coloring book by Carla Schauer


About A Case of the Mondays

There are more coloring books out there telling you to shine and dream than you can shake a colored pencil at.  I wanted to create something different.  Something for real, everyday life, with the kind of humor needed to look back and laugh at “those” days.  I included both intricate and more basic pages to make room for your own favorite coloring techniques and added doodles.

A Case of the Mondays is a coloring book for your unmotivated side.  Perfect for those days where you just want to sit on the couch and color, I created these 24 images to say what you’re really thinking.

***note: 3 pages of this book contain adult language*** Sometimes what you’re really thinking isn’t appropriate for children.

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A peek inside A Case of the Mondays coloring book by Carla Schauer. I love the Naps Rock page!
A peek inside A Case of the Mondays coloring book. |Carla Schauer Designs


Purchase A Case of the Mondays in my Etsy Store.

Available as a printed softcover edition or a printable download

Purchase A Case of the Mondays on Amazon.

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Why a printable coloring book option?

The printable edition of A Case of the Mondays gives you the flexibility to print on your choice of paper.  Want to print the whole book on watercolor paper? Just a few pages at a time on cardstock? Options, my friend, are yours to choose.

The coloring book is also available pre-printed on Amazon, for those who prefer a bound edition.  Join my insider list for the fastest updates on availability.
A Case of the Mondays coloring book. Coloring pages for real life from Carla Schauer. Funny!


I hope you enjoy coloring these pages as much as I enjoyed creating them!  Have a colorful week!

Until next time…

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One Comment

  1. What an awesome idea!

    I agree – sometimes all the motivational and inspirational sayings in coloring books just make you want to roll your eyes. Coloring can absolutely be inspiring and everything, but let’s get real – sometimes it’s just a way to unwind and procrastinate for a bit! Just don’t let your boss catch you coloring on the job…