Sweet Valentine Heart Bookmarks to Print and Color

I designed printable Valentine heart bookmarks to share with you, my fellow bookworms, filled with hearts to color. 

Printed heart-patterned bookmarks, one in color, with red, pink, and teal colored pencils on white background.
Download these Printable Valentine Heart Bookmarks to Color from Carla Schauer Designs

Use your favorite supplies to color one for yourself, or print a bunch to use as kid class valentines.  Download the printable bookmarks after the tutorial. 

Let’s hear it for love…of books!  There’s nothing better than curling up under a snuggly blanket with a nice thick book. 

Of course, I love little books and somewhere-in-the-middle books too.  And even though e-readers are convenient, there’s just something about flipping through well-loved pages that makes my heart happy.

I designed this bookmark with my fellow book-lovers in mind. Plus, see all of my free Printable Bookmarks to Color for other holidays or everyday fun.

No time to make these bookmarks right now?

No problem! I know you’re busy. Save this post to your favorite coloring or Valentine Pinterest board so you can find it easily when you’re ready.

Collage of heart bookmarks to color, with text under images that reads "Printable coloring bookmarks for Valentines Day"

Replace those old Target receipts, losing lottery tickets, and torn up envelopes! Make a pretty new bookmark that indulges your love of crafting and your love of reading. A double win!

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Make a Heart Bookmark for Yourself

Print on heavy cardstock or watercolor paper that will stand up to your coloring tools of choice.  Color with crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, or whatever suits your fancy.

Optional: for extra shine, print using a laser printer and add foil using a foiling machine. 

white bookmarks with gold foil hearts.
Printable heart bookmark with gold foil. |Carla Schauer Designs

Supplies for Foiled Bookmark:

To Make a Gold Foil Bookmark

To add shiny foil to the bookmark, print the file using a laser printer, or use a photocopy of the art. Apply the gold foil using the Minc machine. Then use a 3/4″ brush to apply a watercolor wash over the top.  

Mat the bookmark on coordinating paper. Laminate or seal if desired, and punch a hole near the top of your bookmark to tie a bit of pretty ribbon.

Pink watercolored bookmark with gold foil hearts and blue border on white background.
Watercolored Valentine Heart Bookmark |Carla Schauer Designs

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Valentine Heart Bookmarks for Kids

Skip the store and make Valentine heart bookmarks to pass out at school too.

For class valentines for kids to color, print bookmarks onto heavy white card stock. Cut out, and glue onto a 2 x 6.5″ colorful red cardstock background. 

Punch a hole near the top and tie a ribbon through hole.

Black and white heart bookmarks with red borders, with craft supplies on white background.
Print Valentine Bookmarks for school.| Carla Schauer Designs

Fan of reading? You’ll also want to grab my coordinating free Printable Reading Log to record your book titles, minutes read, or notes. Perfect for kids and adults!

Red, pink, and teal colored pencils lying on top of black & white printed book log with heart border.

Download Printable Heart Bookmarks

Download the printable Valentine bookmarks using the button below, and print as many as you need. Personal use only (including classrooms and libraries) do not sell files or finished bookmarks. See full Terms of Use.

Download Art by Carla Schauer

Valentine Heart Bookmarks 1.36 MB 90790 downloads


Not ready to join and share your email yet? No problem. You can purchase the file below.

Get a Full Year of Coloring Bookmarks:

Wish you had a coloring bookmark for every month? A full year of themed bookmarks is now available in my store. Coloring bookmarks are an ideal quick craft for kids, teens, and adults.

This set makes it easy to print copies for your classroom, book club, scout meeting, or library craft afternoon. Buy the Yearly Bookmark Set here.

12 black and white bookmarks on teal background with crayons. Text overlay includes title reading "12 Months of Bookmarks to Print and Color" and pink buy now button.
12 Monthly Printable Coloring Bookmarks, available at CarlaSchauerDesigns on Etsy

Share the Valentine bookmark with Friends:

Your shares are how this site grows, and I am genuinely appreciative when you do. Save to your favorite Valentine Pinterest board or share this idea on Facebook.

One white paper bookmark with colored-in patterned hearts in red, pink and teal, next to 4 colored pencils and a sheet of uncolored uncut bookmarks. Photo has a wide pink border with text in white that reads "Valentine Bookmarks, free printable, www.carlaschauer.com"

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  1. These either print so enormous (3 pages huge) or are so fuzzy unclear, my first graders wouldn’t discern the lines. Not happy… a lot of effort to “sign up” for it he results to be so disappointing

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the file, let me address both your concerns. The bookmarks should print clearly one one page. Did you use the download button at the bottom of the post to save to your computer before printing? You may be experiencing problems if you’re trying to print directly from the low-resolution image of the page. If you’re having problems printing from the downloaded file, please contact me and I can help you further.

      You never have to sign up for anything to access my free printables, they all have a download button at the bottom of the associated post to save the file to your computer. The only sign up form on my site is to subscribe to my newsletter for those interested in following me via email.


  2. I work for a public library would it be okay to print thsee out and leave on a table for kids on Valentines day?

    1. Hi Liz,

      Absolutely, I love the idea! The only thing I don’t allow is resale for profit. I hope the kids have fun with them!


      1. Great! Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Bonnie Banejmain says:

    These will be perfect gift at our Community Meal ! Something to do for those who wish to be creative and they go home with inspirational words on the back

  4. Carla Tyler says:

    This is exactly what I need. Thank you so very much .

  5. Super ! Thanks :)it’s a wonderful idea !

  6. These are so cute! I am going to use them for a Valentine’s Party for my daughter’s Girl Club. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Carla,
    About what Kathy posted on 1/21/17, I do Pinterest from my iphone when I am not near a PC. I experienced similar issues as Kathy because I don’t know where to find the file on my phone after I downloaded it. Truly operator error–my phone is smarter than I am! So I tried printing from the small image I had saved to my phone…
    Some sites allow you to open a PDF of the bookmark file and I then click to open in Safari, and click to open in my PDF reader where the bookmarks print beautifully! Just a thought if you want to help tech-challenged people… 😉

      1. Leslie Rosenow says:

        I can not access the download link and I am using my home pc. Where is it at? My cursor does not change to show me where to click, (like it normally does).

        1. Hi Leslie, I had a problem on the admin side this morning and didn’t catch the issue with the download program I use. It’s all fixed now. Sorry about the trouble!

  8. Please send me these!!!!!

    1. Hi Alison,

      The file is available for you to download at the bottom of the post. Just click the button and save the pdf to your computer. Enjoy!

      1. I can’t click on the link!

        1. I can’t either. Can you assist?

        2. Designs

          Download Art by Carla Schauer

          [wpdm_package id=’4737′]

          1. Leslie Rosenow says:

            I too tried clicking on this link and nothing is working 🙁

  9. There is no link at the bottom of the instructions. Please help

  10. Not sure how to download. Help! No easy “button” to click on…

    1. Sorry about that Judy, the button is back. There was a problem with an update this morning.

  11. Lori Taylor says:

    Having trouble getting this to Download. I signed up via email etc…but still won’t work. Any suggestions?

    1. Lori, I’m sorry about the problem. Some admin updates caused broken links this morning. It’s all fixed now.

  12. Sorry, but there is no link to the file at the bottom. Only something like that: [wpdm_package id=’4737′]

  13. The link isn’t working for me either. 🙁 I would love to be able to download these for my students to color next week. Please help!

    1. This is how the link looks on my end. [wpdm_package id=’4737′]

    2. I’m sorry about the trouble Kaitlyn, I fixed the button and you should be able to download the file.

  14. There is no link attached to that download? I can’t click on anything… can you please send it to me?

    1. Hi Andrea, I fixed the link and you should be able to download the files now. I’m sorry for the trouble, I missed a problem on the admin side this morning.

  15. Sorry about that everyone, I updated a few things on the admin side this morning and missed an issue with the download program I use. It’s all fixed now, and should download properly. Thanks for your patience!

  16. Thank you. I used the printable bookmarks for my Sunday school this year for Valentines day. The kids love it.

    God bless


  17. Hello! Are we allowed to send the file to Staples or a similar store, to pay for them to print the bookmarks? They would technically be making profit from that. Can you please confirm permission to pay Staples or a similar office supply store to print these bookmarks?

    Thank you!

    1. You can have them printed anywhere you like, just not resell the files or finished projects. I hope that clarifies. Enjoy!

  18. Thank YOU, I needed a new bookmark! I love the gold ones. I will trace with a embossing pen and then emboss them…no mint here…hope it works!

  19. Thank you – very cute! I am going to make myself some bookmarks with these printed out on coloured paper. Will just stick onto cardboard with a ribbon or tassle.

  20. Thank you so much for these. I’m going to make some for my dd’s. Have a happy day!

  21. Thank you for making the template available! I made the bookmarks.

  22. Going to have this as an activity for the residents at the nursing home where I work in the Activity Dept. They will enjoy this. Thanks for the down load!

  23. Im having download issues. After I click on the download button and enter my email address, it says I will receive an email with a welcome. after several tryings, no emails. These are so cute. I’d love to print some.

    1. Hi Linda, After you enter your email, you should be able to use the "download" button in the email popup to save the bookmarks to your device.


  24. would love to have these

    1. Hi Linda, you can click the orange button at the bottom of the post, then enter your email and download the file.

  25. Love the book marks. They printed fine once I downloaded the right template. I'm going to print them again on card stock and have my granddaughter color them. I like your color example.