Another Day, Another Doctor.

Yep, I had to go again.    A hand surgeon this time.

On a good note, I was able to get an appointment quickly, I spent less than 5 minutes in the waiting area, the doctor was knowledgeable, and the problem itself is pretty minor.   Overall, just a blip in the 2 inch file that is my medical records folder.

The problem?   I wasn’t prepared for the needles.   I hate needles.

You see, due to the nature and location of the problem, my PCP thought the surgeon would recommend surgery (probably not an unreasonable assumption, considering he is, in fact, a surgeon),  so he prepared me for surgery.   Therefore, I prepared me for surgery.

Turns out, the surgeon recommended trying the needles first.   And while I should have been thankful he recommended the easy way first, my brain started spinning when he mentioned the word.

I hadn’t prepared myself for the needles.

But 10 minutes later, the procedure was done, (and 20 minutes later the spinning stopped).   I now have a tidy little ace bandage instead of a splint and a several week recovery time.

I’m thankful.   Sort of.    Except for the needles.

Until next time…

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  1. Yikes. Better than surgery, but still….

  2. nikimeiners says:

    blech, better you than me. NO NEEDLES!!!!

  3. So how is the hand feeling now? Needles, yuck, but you NEED your hands to make that amazing work of yours. Hope the swelling is down soon and the bandage comes off. Take care, my friend.