Creative Mess

And by mess, I truly mean MESS.   That’s right, all caps.

For the last few weeks I’ve been knee-deep in the craziness that happens when a home-remodeling project coincides with a big deadline.    So there is mess in the construction zone, mess in the craft cave, and a big mess in my brain.

Our new floors are finally installed.  (Hooray!)  We took out all the carpet and 20 yr old parquet flooring on our main floor and replaced it with a stranded bamboo plank.   I love it!    It updates our ’80s house tremendously.    However, everything that used to be in the toy, china, and crystal cabinets (and anything else that was small enough to be carried) now resides in our master bedroom.  Who knows when it will return to its proper home.    What a mess!

I’ve also been working on some projects for Clearsnap, a fabulous company whose products I’ve been using for years.   I had the opportunity to be introduced to them at the winter CHA show, and they are as wonderful as their products.   With all the construction and those wild steroid side effects, I was a manic stamper.  The result?  Utter destruction of the Craft Cave.

I’m not one of those highly efficient people who must return each and every craft supply to its proper home and wipe all traces of the current project from my desk before beginning a new project.   Instead, I toss all craft debris off to the side or onto the most convenient, least cluttered surface, leaving me a progressively smaller workspace in which to create.   At the end of the creative streak, I triumphantly cross off the last project on my list, take a deep satisfied breath, and lift my head.

Then I make a face not unlike that of the kid from “Home Alone”.    What a mess!

As for my brain, well, it’s always a mess.

What I could really use is a magic lamp, a genie, and 3 wishes.   Ahh, all my mess problems solved.

Until next time…

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