Make Easy Softball Necklaces from Washers

Make Softball Necklaces and bracelets using washers from the hardware store! They’re easy to personalize with a number or name, and make fun softball gifts for players or moms.

It’s informal softball jewelry that’s casual enough for you at the ballpark, or for her to wear with one of her million tournament t-shirts.

Softball Necklace made from washer hanging from softball glove.

Girls can make washer softball jewelry for moms, moms can make them for their players, or they can be added to softball goodie bags for team gift exchanges.

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Supplies needed to Make a Washer Necklace

Making a necklace from washers is a straightforward process, using washer hardware, cording, and some extra embellishments.

For each necklace, you will need:

DIY Softball Jewelry-Bracelet Option

To make a softball bracelet with your painted washers instead of a softball necklace, simply modify the string. Use the same attachment method as for the necklace, adding string to opposite sides of the washer.

Knot charms in place on one side. Then tie using this adjustable sliding knot method for a bracelet that will fit most wrist sizes.

Softball bracelet made from washer, worn on wrist.
Softball jewelry made from washers is a cute DIY gift for players.

How to Make Washer Softball Necklaces

Necklaces are easy to make in bulk when you cut, paint, and add cording in batches. In fact, the most time consuming part of this project is the drying time!

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Softball Neklace made from washer hanging from softball glove.

DIY Softball Necklace

Yield: 1 or more
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: 1-easy
Estimated Cost: under $10

Make Softball Necklaces and bracelets using washers from the hardware store! They're easy to personalize with a number or name, and make fun softball gifts for players or moms.


  • 1.5" diameter metal washers
  • Bright Yellow Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint
  • Red Posca Paint Marker or Sharpie
  • Black Posca Paint Marker or Sharpie
  • Clear Sealer
  • Black Jewelry Cording
  • Softball-themed Metal Charms


  • 1/2" paintbrush
  • flame (optional)


  1. Paint Washers. Using 1/2" brush, paint 2-3 coats (until opaque) of yellow paint on washers, drying between coats. When fully dry, repeat for other side.
  2. Add Stitching. Draw softball stitching onto yellow washer using red marker and let dry. Use black marker to write player's jersey number (optional) and let dry. Repeat stitching and number on other side. Painted washer to look like a softball.
  3. Apply Sealer. Spray 2 light coats of clear sealer onto one side of painted washer. Let dry, then repeat on other side.
  4. Cut Cording. While paint is drying, cut 18" lengths of cording, one per necklace.
  5. Add Charms and Cord. When fully dry, attach cording. Fold cord in half, thread closed end through washer hole and charms. Pull open ends of cord through loop made by folded cord and pull until charms and cord are snug against washer. Tie open ends together at desired necklace length, trim excess length, and use flame to melt ends (optional on synthetic cord to prevent fraying). Softball Necklace displayed on softball glove


Always supervise younger crafters with open flame.

Ends of cording will be extremely hot.

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Whichever softball jewelry option you choose to make, they’re a terrific craft for all ages and skill levels. What a cute way to support your favorite player!

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Display of Softball Washer Jewelry

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