Easy Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper beads are ideal for making lightweight, allergy-friendly jewelry. This easy paper bead bracelet is made with adhesive-backed paper to eliminate the goopy mess of glue. They also make a great upcycling project for kids of all ages.  Learn to make beads from paper strips, and assemble into paper jewelry for any occasion.

Rolled Paper Bead Bracelet on a wood background with descriptive text.

How to make Paper Beads

To make traditional paper beads, you can use any type of paper. Try making:

  • newspaper beads,
  • beads made from magazines,
  • patterned scrapbook paper beads,
  • recycled paper beads,
  • kids’ beads from construction paper

You’ll need to measure and cut your bead shape, spread glue along one side, and roll to create a bead. To make the beads for my paper bead bracelet, I’m using a slightly different set of supplies to simplify the process.

Rainbow rolled paper bead on turquoise backround.

The best thing about making paper beads with a cutting machine like the Cricut is that you don’t have to measure and cut your paper into shapes. With a paper bead svg file, you can choose your bead shape and cut right away. For this project, I’m also using adhesive-backed paper so there’s no need for the messy glue step. Just one dot at the end of the bead for extra security and you’re set!

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Make a Paper Bead Bracelet

Supplies for Paper Beads:

  • 1 sheet rainbow floral adhesive-backed paper from JGoode Designs (from Cricut Joy Always Spring Paper Pack)
  • paper bead kit #M12227AE cutting file from Cricut Design Space
  • light grip cutting mat
  • glossy decoupage medium
  • small piece of tissue paper or powder
  • toothpick
  • Optional-paper glue

Supplies for Bracelet:

Paper bead bracelet supplies on white background


  1. Open paper bead template file in Design Space, then ungroup and turn off all layers except the 1st and 7th bead.
  2. Adjust size of both beads to 11.5″ long. Adjust 1st bead to 1/2″ wide. Duplicate layer, rotate 180*, and arrange close to original layers as shown. Flatten Canvas.
  3. Cut out all 3 paper beads using Cricut machine. Remove paper from mat, but leave the beads attached to the backing.Cricut machine cutting paper beads.
  4. Peel back around 1/2″ of paper from backing. Apply tissue paper or powder to peeled section. This will keep the inside hole from being sticky and allow threading on wire. Wrap end of paper strip around the toothpick and continue rolling bead snugly from large end to small end, securing with dot of decoupage medium or paper glue. Repeat for other beads.Paper being rolled around toothpick to make bead
  5. Brush rolled paper beads with glossy decoupage medium, adding a second coat if desired, and allow to dry completely. Glossy sealer will make paper beads look glass-like and shiny.Adding gloss to rolled paper bead.
  6. Measure wrist and add 1″ to length, then cut leather cord to this length.
  7. Crimp cord end finding to one end of cord, flattening one side over the other. String beads onto cording.
    Clamping end of turquoise leather jewelry cord
  8. Double check bracelet length and trim any excess if needed. Crimp other end finding to open end of cord.
    DIY turquoise leather cord bracelet with rolled paper beads

More DIY Beaded Jewelry to Make:

Use this paper bead making process to make matching paper bead earrings, or try other techniques to make a memory wire bracelet set, or a shell bracelet and earrings.

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