Happy 4th!

Gearing up for a relaxing weekend with major crafting happening.  The forcast is RAIN, RAIN, RAIN this weekend and aside from a couple short cookouts with friends and family, there’s nothing on the schedule.  Perfect crafty-type weekend!  I was hoping the rain would hold off until after our annual neighborhood kids parade, but alas, it’s pouring buckets.  Kid #3 was too young last year to remember it, and I was hoping he would have a chance to enjoy the fun this year.  My fingers are crossed that the rain-out backup plan will be dry.

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend!  Here’s a digital layout from last year’s parade.  It was one of the first digi layouts I made,  technique practice for Jessica Sprague’s digital scrapbooking class I took last year.   (Highly recommended,  wonderful classes!)   Can’t take credit for the design, but I thought it was appropriate for today.

Until next time…

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  1. I love the LO, whether or not you can take credit for the design. So, hurry up and share the results of your crafting!