This Snarky Shark Painted Rock is an Easy Summer Craft

Who says painted rocks always have to be inspirational? This Snarky Shark Painted Rock says it all when you’ve had just about enough human interaction for one day.

Shark Painted river stone with shells

With the help of a bit of irreverent attitude and a toothy pun, Snarky Shark isn’t taking any more crap from anyone. She’s had a long day, could really use a nap, and still has to go hunt dinner.

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Make a Shark Painted Rock

Learn to paint a shark rock step by step, and then check out all my Easy Rock Painting Ideas for more painted rock inspiration.

You will need:

Shark painted on river stone with shells


  1. Using a 1/2″ flat brush, paint a base coat of Baby Blue on the rock. Repeat as necessary to get an opaque, smooth finish, then allow to dry completely.

    Triangle rock painted blue next to paint bottle.
  2. Paint half of a pointed oval using Gray and a small round brush to make the shark head. The shape should vaguely resemble a half of a football. Apply a second coat.
  3. Use the tiny round brush to outline the shark in Black, and add a flattened oval shape on each side for eyes.
    Gray pointed oval painted on blue stone.
  4. Add a mouth using Red paint and tiny round brush, using photo as a guide, and repeat coats as necessary to completely fill shape.
    Painted shark mouth on blue triangle rock.
  5. Use tiny round brush or paint marker to add details in White paint. Add teeth to mouth and small reflection dots to eyes. Then paint “Bite Me” on the point of the rock as shown.
    Snarky shark painted rock on white background
  6. Use the tiny paintbrush if needed to touch up any wonky paint or lines.
  7. Once your Snarky Shark Painted Rock is completely dry, brush on Satin Sealer using 1/2″ flat brush. Let dry completely.

Keep your feisty shark nearby to boost your mood, or spread the fun by hiding your snarky rock for someone else to find!

Pin this Snarky Shark Painted Rock to make later:

Bite Me Shark on blue background with shells
Snarky Shark Painted Rock on white background with "bite me" phrase.

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